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Personal, a letrazine

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Graphic book consisting of two parts, presented in a folder together.

1/ Letrazine printed in Riso at Knust Press in 9 colors: Yellow, Pink Fluo, Orange Fluo, Red, Bright Red, Green, Blue, Medium Blue, and Purple. 
Size: 22x29 cm
Printed on paper IGEPA Eos 2.0 Blauw-wit 100 g and Forever IR Orange 120 g
22 pages, plus cover and back cover.
Japanese binding is done by hand. Signed

2/Poster printed in Riso in 3 colors: Yellow, Red and Medium Blue.
Size: A3+
Printed on paper IGEPA Eos 2.0 Blauw-wit 100 g. Signed

24 copies were printed and 12 are available for sale.

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